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3m reflective tape safety

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 15, 2017

Body reflective logo by organic resin, luminous paint, reflective paint, such as synthetic, grinding made of one-component reflective type advanced marking paint, mainly used in the production of all kinds of reflective signs signs, vehicle plate, safety facilities, etc., during the day, with its vivid colors have obvious warning role, at night or under the condition of insufficient light, its bright reflective effect can effectively enhance the ability to identify the people see the goal, cause vigilance, to avoid the accident and reduce casualties, reduce the economic loss, become the indispensable safeguard of road traffic, has obvious social benefits.

The six characteristics of body reflective identification

1. It has anti-body light function and provides high definition of traffic signs for drivers at high speed.

2. Smooth film, anti-oxidation, uv radiation, weather resistance.

3. Anti-acid and alkali resistance, great air resistance, excellent temperature and water resistance, and life span of more than five years.

4. Strong adhesion, with high adhesion to wood, steel, aluminum alloy, glass, ceramics and composite board. It is not easy to fall off, peel and crack.

5. Non-toxic, non-radioactive substances, no pollution to human body and environment.

6. Room temperature curing, single unit, cold construction, quick drying.


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